Thursday, 29 October 2015

I'm Back

Wow its been a long time since I have posted here. Its been an eventful year and I have been back and forth with this healthy lifestyle.  I completely went off track and started yo yo dieting again. I lost some weight quickly but started seriously binge eating. The stress of some of the diets I went on coupled with personal stresses left me totally out of control when it came to food.

Finally, I had to just put everything aside and deal with my issues with food and that led me to deal with personal issues that made me comfort eat.

I am not fully there yet but I have regained a lot of control and ready to continue pursuing a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

....So I hope to stay on track with this blog and share my journey.

xxx Anne

Friday, 13 March 2015

Back on Track


Well its been a while since I have posted here. I have been extremely busy the past few weeks but the main reason I stopped blogging was lack of motivation. Not only a lack of motivation to blog but with the whole healthy lifestyle thing.

So here is what happened, remember in my last post I said I was going to do a weigh in, well I weighed myself and shock horror I had gained weight? I started the journey at 82.7 kg and a month later I weighed 83 kg. I was so disappointed and felt I had made no progress whatsoever.

So I just stopped blogging and just forgot about the whole thing but you know the beautiful thing about habits they are just that ....habits. I continued to walk when I could, I was automatically making healthier choices and  my portions were still comparatively moderate. Funnily I didn't feel deprived at all I actually decided to go for heavier breakfasts and lunches and I think that has kept the evening binge at bay.

 A few weeks later I decided to get back on track and got support from a couple of friends on whats app who were trying to lose weight as well The support has been great! I also increased my physical activity.

I have decided to stay away from the scale on this journey but the last time I did weigh myself (about four days ago I weighed in at 81.7 kg. Now that's just one kilogram down since January which is slow progress but it is progress, the interesting thing for me is how much that kg shows. I have literally dropped a dress size! Now its a bit confusing to me and I'm wondering if there is some muscle weight in there. Either way I am happy to finally see results.

So as I always say this is a health journey so I am not going to focus so much on my weight, I believe that will naturally fall into place.

With all my worries about weight I  forgot how much I actually enjoyed cooking, especially  my native meals. I hope to share some of  my healthy recipes here in the near future.


Friday, 30 January 2015

Four weeks in!

So  I am nearly into a month of a healthier lifestyle and I thought I would share my successes, fails and what I learned along the way.


1.I have significantly reduced my portions. I am more aware of what the right portions for me look like and when I am over eating.

2. I have introduced more vegetables into my meals. I try to have at least some sort of vegetable or salad or sauce containing vegetables with lunch and breakfast

3. I have learned to understand when I am hungry and when I am not and obey those cues (well some of the time). There have been times I have skipped or had light lunch or dinner because I was still full from a good lunch or breakfast.

4. I have developed the habit of walking as much as I can and if the weather allows and being more active at home in my chores and with my kids.


1.I have not been able to stick to a formal exercise programme like the HIIT and aerobics.

2. I have still had bad episodes of binge and comfort eating

Learning points

I have learned to listen to my body, I feel so energised after a few days of healthy eating , drinking water and moderate exercise and I can instantly feel the difference after a day of overeating or eating junk. I wake up lethargic an literally ill!

I am learning the importance of my cycle and how to work with it. I am learning I have to prepare with good healthy eating and exercise for the 'low days' before my period, taking it easy during that time and allowing myself healthy comfort food and then  making the most of the energy spurt I have just after my period. I am still learning more about this and myself but I now realise  how understanding yourself in relation to your cycle is so important.

I will have my first official weigh in on the 2nd of February and I am pretty sure I have not lost any major weight, if any. One lady did comment however that that I look slimmer and asked if I was on a diet. I am also able to close all my coat buttons! Hooray for progress.



Saturday, 17 January 2015

very bad week

I am so disappointed in myself. I was felt a bit down this week due to some stuff going on and I turned back to my usual or should I  say carbs.  I went back to bing eating and threw exercise out the window. Its sooo clear to me though how my mood affects my eating and everything. its not good, this has to stop.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Weekend Sabotage and HIIT Day 3

First for HIIT Day 3: Whaaaaat! I just finished my workout and thought I would pass out in the last three minutes. I am surprised I didn't throw up. Anyway now I am back to life. I feel good! endorphins are running high. ha ha

Now I think I missed out another unhealthy habit: SABOTAGING MY JOURNEY AT THE WEEKEND. This weekend I just let it go and lost all discipline. why oh why? I do want to lose at least some weight. I don't think it will work if I put everything back on between Friday and Saturday.
I am catching myself now before Sunday joins in.

 Past behind, onwards and upwards!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Fitness Challenge 30 Days of HIIT!

I have found a pretty good  exercise programme I could do at home. I used to love HIIT work outs and they usually gave me the best results. My favourites were the Fitness Blender workouts on You Tube.

Now that I am more or less starting my fitness journey all over again I was looking for a simple fitness challenge to get me started.

I found the 30 Days of HIIT challenge on

Its a really good site with free easy to follow meal and fitness plans.

So I completed Day One of the HIIT challenge. I am doing level 1 which is five rounds of high knees, squats and burpees.

Did I mention I absolutely hate burpees,  groan!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I don't want to make excuses but the weather has been  horrendous. I do not want to get  soaked and freezing cold before I get to work so I am afraid I haven't been walking to the next train stop.  I think I will have to focus on an in door work out that I can stick to.

My eating habits are getting under control and my body seems to have adjusted to the smaller portions. I am eating more veg so it seems to fill me up. I am also drinking more water.

Next focus, exercise!